How my love for motorcycles began

Hi Komrade, my name is Rob Katona

I can remember riding a dirt bike for the first time like it was yesterday. I was in grade 6 and a friend of mine asked myself and a couple buddies if we wanted to try out his new dirt bike after school, we all said yes without any hesitation.

I was really excited and nervous at the same time. After school we waited for our friend at the conversation area where all the people who had dirt bikes rode. In the distance I can hear a loud pinging noise getting louder and louder and then like a lightning bolt, my friend comes flying in from nowhere on a new shinny Kawasaki kx65.

He starts explaining the basics to me, which is the clutch, which is the brakes, and so on. It's my time to go, I can literally feel my heart pounding, I’m so nervous I’m sweating buckets. I let out the clutch, give it some gas, and I’m off! Because I’ve never ridden a bike before I thought I would take it easy, I'm cruising and decide to give it some more gas, there's just one thing my friend forgot to mention, a thing called power band on two-strokes. Braaaap! The kx65 takes off like a bat out hell and it is the scariest, most exhilarating feeling I have ever felt. Ever since that day I was in love with the feeling riding a bike gave me.

Years go by after riding friend’s bikes and in grade 9 my parents finally bought me my first bike. My parents were by no means rich but they pulled whatever money they could because they knew how much ridding meant to me. I am forever grateful for what my parents have done to make it happen. My first bike was a 1991 cr250, I figured I might as well go with the largest cc bike so I don't need to upgrade. I loved my first bike but little did I know I got ripped off huge.

Being young and unknowledgeable, and my parents not being mechanically inclined, we got suckered. The previous owner cracked the left side of the crankcase and then bondo'ed it and painted over so you couldn't tell. My parents pulled whatever resources they had to buy this bike and we got burned badly. They didn't have the money to bring in to a shop and get it fixed so I just had to deal with it. I was so angry and upset with myself that I never seen it and I was blown away how someone could be so dishonest to a kid and his parents.

From that day forward, I swore to myself that I would never let that happen again to me. I promised myself that I would be honest and help others who are not as knowledgeable so that they wouldn't get burned as I once did.

I created Moto Komrade, to share my passion for motorcycles and create a community where riders can come to help one another, share stories, put up their bikes for sale, swap parts, and review shops and give their honest opinions. Ride on, Komrade.